Anomalies in payment of arrears of Rank

Anomalies in payment of arrears of Rank Pay

“Officers affected by Supreme Court judgement on Rank Pay and in receipt of payment of arrears may please note that in case where there is no change in revised basic pay on substantive promotion, due-drawn statements are under review for checking of date of next increment.  The affected officers are requested to wait for revised due-drawn statement which will be uploaded after completion of review.”



Rank Pay matters-Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Revision of pension/family pension in the matter of Hon’ble Supreme Court Order dt 4/9/12 on Rank Pay




  1. col(Rtd) psraju says

    dear sir,

    i had recd a sum of Rs.36,816/-which is credited in my account on 28 Mar 2013.some of my
    batch mates(1979 Dec batch) recd nearly around 80,000-90,000. may i request you to either
    fwd me calculation chart or confirm about the arrears regarding rank pay.
    thanking you,
    regards, col raju

  2. maj kvs rao says

    Sir, I was promoted to the rank of Capt wef mar 1987 and so,whether i am eligible for any arrears regarding rank pay or not. please let me know.

  3. Chelliah Jayanth Paul says

    dear sir,

    i have recd a sum of Rs.17,017/- credited in my account on 28 Mar 2013. My
    batch mates(1975 Dec batch) have recd much much more! may i request you to
    fwd me a calculation sheet and reconcile arrears due to me.
    thanking you,
    regards, col c.j.paul
    IC 31423 P
    CDA a/c No. 148702

  4. Maj Gen S K Bali says

    Dear Sir,
    I havent received my Rank Pay Arrears as yet, Details are given below:–
    I C No— 15513 M
    Rank Maj Gen
    C D A (o) A/N 110211 L
    Pl let me know the latest position , and likely date for getting the arriers
    Best Wishes

  5. Col Naresh Kumar, IC 32150 Retd says

    Dear sir,
    Please confirm if any income tax has been deducted on the arrears given on rank pay and if yes please furnish the details and authority to mention the same in next IT Return.
    Col Naresh Kumar, Retd

  6. IC-21809 F Maj Om Dutt Joshi says

    IC-21809 F Maj. om Dutt joshi.i have not received any arrears of rank pay so far.dt of commission 3rd may 1964 and retirement 31 st march1988. All the required information has also been forwarded to concerned no also does not exist in the list forwarded by Army HQ TO PCDA(o) Pune.

  7. col R Janakiraman says

    I am 80 years old retired on 1 Jul 1989 as Lt Col , I regret to mention that I have yet to received my rank pay arrears inspire f sending all the documents, On enquiry from CDA(O) I was informed that due to absence of my IRLA CDA(o)is not capable to work out my dues and waiting the instructions from government . It means that CDA(O) are sitting in the fools paradise without having find any solution to work out the rank pay for those IRLA are not available . CDA(O) knows very well that the supreme court order was passed during 2010 and what the hell the CDAO are doing for the last three years further AG Br P5 has already forwarded the requisite information and the officers concerned also forwarded the the information required to work out the rank pay , it is not only foolish and stupidity on the part of CDA(O) to tell that they are not in position to work out the rank pay due due to absence of IRLA what the hell CDA(O) were doing for so many years and it is causing the ex chequer by paying the interest for the delayed payment , it is surprise even the government also not bothering by not giving any instructions how to pay the arrears for those officers IRLA are not traceable . CDA(O) please wake up work for your pay Will CDA staff will keep quite if their dues are not paid in time

  8. Col Baldev singh Hundal says

    Dear sir, i have received arrears of Rs 125425/- in my bankers.the other offoicers who and me were of the same rank of major on 01jan 86 and were drawing the same rank pay.later he got superseed and continued as lt col ( T ) has received arrears of Rs 175000/- .request pl fwd the calculation sheet.

  9. Bajwa Surat Singh says

    I ic 10029 w was holding the rank of COL on jan 1986.Ihave sent all the documents asked for.Ihave not recd any rankpay arears so for.Pl intimate the present status in my case. Thanks and regards

  10. Lt Col Pawan Wahi (Retd) says

    Sir, I had sent the form for details required to pay Rank Pay arrears, posted on your website duly filled along with copy of PPO for service and disability elements, copy of PAN card, and cancelled cheque, on 14 Feb 2013, by speed post.
    My No is-IC-39254N, and CDA(O) a/c no was 16/273/157492X, I was Commissioned on 13 Dec 1980 and was in service in the Rank of Capt as on 01 Jan 1986. I was invalided from service on 10 May 2005 in the Rank of Lt Col. My Bank a/c for pension is with SBBJ, KHATIPURA BRANCH, VAISHALI NAGAR, JAIPUR, A/C NO: 61000381478, IFSC Code is- SBBJ0010438 and MICR is-302003030. Recently in May a letter has been received that I should fill and send the form again. In case the one I had sent earlier has not been received or misplaced by your office please let me know so I can send it afresh. I have not received the Rank Pay arrears as yet and nor have I got the calculation sheet. I will be grateful if an early action is taken. Thanking you in anticipation. Pawan Wahi

  11. IC 14181 LtCol DP SINGH says

    I ama 1962 commissioned officer and retired on28Feb 1992 as Lt Col. I am yet to receive my arrears of rank pay.Please expedite payment.My bank account no is 20298585331 with Allahabad Bank at Indira Nagar LUCKNOW 226016

  12. Bajwa Surat Singh says

    i am bajwa surat singh ic10029 w ! was holding the rank of COL on 01 Jan 1986. I retired on 01Nov 1988.I have sent all documents asked for whereas most officers have recieved their rank pay arears But ihave not recd any pl intimate the present status I will be graTEFUL bE GRATEFUL REGARDS.

  13. Major Mukesh Tulli says

    I am Maj (Retd) Mukesh Kumar, commissioned 14 Jun 1986, I took pre mature pension in 1999, am I entitled for rank pay arrears , please let me know.

  14. MR 02238y,Lt Col LW Wolfe says

    Dear Sir,I stil haven’t received my arrears of Rank Pay.I had sent one set of my documents in end of Feb 2013,since I haven’t heard about my arrears, I sent two more sets of documents on 20 May 2013,documents sent by courier & I have proof of delivery on22 May 2013, both receipts have the stamp of CDAO Pune. The documents were sent No1 to theSenior AO,Rank Pay Revision Cell,& the second set was addressed to the PR Cell of PCDAO Pune.
    May I request you to look into my case & send me an SMS as to the position of my arrears.
    Thank you,
    Lt Col LW WOLFE

    • MR 02238y,Lt Col LW Wolfe says

      Dear Sir,My particulars are given below:
      MR 002238y,Lt Col LW Wolfe AMC.Dt of Commission 22 Jan1968,Dt of retirement 01 Oct 1991. CDAO A/C No132093. The rest of my details have been sent to you on two occasions earlier.
      Till date I have not received a paisa of my Rank Pay arrears,Please enlighten me as to what more information is required by your office to settle my case &kindly try to expedite the matter.
      Thank you,
      Yours sincerely Lt Col LW WOLFE.

  15. Major Mukesh Tulli says

    Sir, I was Commissioned in Jun 1986 and promoted to the rank of Capt wef Jun 1988 and so,whether i am eligible for any arrears regarding rank pay or not. please let me know.

    Major Mukesh Tulli (Retd)
    Mob 9999 466 466

  16. Lt.Col Jaisa Ram (Retd) says

    I have still not received my Rank pay arrears. I had sent the required proforma and documents to
    PCDAO, Pune in Feb 2013. My personnel NTR16142F. I was commissioned on 20th May 1963 and
    retired on 29th Feb 1988.
    I request you to look into my case and let me know about the position of my arrears.

    Lt. col. Jaisa Ram (Retd)


  17. Col.N.S.Dhapola (Retd.) says

    1.I retired on 31st Dec. 2009. Only Rs. 10,833/- as arrears of rank pay (batch no. 9605 or 96CY) was deposited in my account on 05th Feb. 2015. I contacted many of my batch mates of same seniority and all of them got more than Rs. 1,00,000/- (Rupees: One lakh). My course mate Col. Harish Kavadia (Retd.) of Bhihar Regt got Rs. 1.92 lakhs ( Rupees: One lakh ninty two thousand only) in first installment in Jan 2015 and Rs.48,000/- in second installment in Feb. 2015.
    2. I personally feel, there is some major anomaly in the calculation, since i retired 5 years back other details of the Officer who got more money is not available with me.
    3. In view of above you are requested to reconcile my case on humanitarian grounds to avoid financial loss to the retired soldier.
    4. My Details are as under:
    a) IC 37619Y, Col. N.S.Dhapola (Retd.)
    b) CDA (O) Account No. : XX/192/155786M

  18. P J Rao IC 38467P says

    Dear Sir
    Do I need to apply for receiving my
    Arrears of Rank Pay , Revised PPO ,
    & Revised Pension ?

    If so how to go about please.

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