7th Pay Commission Vs Sixth Pay Commission – Comparison

50% DA Merger, Interim Relief and Retirement Age to 62: Hopes faded

NFIR wants to make amendments in the terms of reference of 7th cpc

MP Govt finance Department DA Order Jan 2014

Expected DA from July 2012

Expected DA from July 2012

Though it is very early to predict the D.A. for july 2012  at this point of time, we are being flooded by queries in this relation. It may be realized that D.A. is complete based on arithmetical calculation on All India CPI (IW) (Base 2001=100), the data for the entire six months is required to calculate the installment of D.A. payable. The labour bureau has released the figure for jan 2012 as 198 today on 29/02/2012  We are yet to know the figures of  feb,mar,apr,may,june 2012 If we assume that there is no further increase or decrease in the numbers {maintains the cureent level for the next 5 months},
and fig remain 198,198,198,198,198  the D. A will be 5% from july 2012
65 + 5 = 70 %
and fig remain 199,200,201,202,203 the D.A will be 6 % from july 2012
65 + 6= 71 %
and fig remain 200,202,204,206,208  the D.A  will be 7 % from july 2012
65 + 7=72 %

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